Jasmine & Avi

The ring: CLASSIC
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Proposal Location: Santorini, Greece


Classic Diamond & Gold Engagement Ring, Signature ARISH Infinity Symbol linking the band by DANA ARISHClassic Diamond & Gold Engagement Ring by DANA ARISH

Classic Engagement Ring by DANA ARISH; Diamond & Gold, Infinity Symbol by DANA ARISHCustom made cuff links for Avi

Custom made cuff links for Avi

" First and foremost, let me start by stating the obvious - I'm the luckiest man on the planet and I've truly found the love of my life. Zachitii, zachitii, zachitii! It was love at first sight and it all started in Rehovot. Little did I know at the time!

A close friend of mine, Ben L, was born here in Israel but given up for adoption at a very young age. He was adopted by two Americans living in Jerusalem when he was 6 years old and raised his entire life in San Diego, California. He never spoke to, or met, his biological parents. Nearly 28 years passed when his biological parents made contact with him.
After 2 years of communicating via Israel's adoption agency, he made the courageous decision to come to Israel in October 2018 and meet them for the first time. He was nervous, excited and terrified at the same time. He asked me to join him to meet the family in Rehovot. Obviously being a great friend that always has his back, I happily joined. The family and the people I met that week were nothing short of exceptional.
In between all the tears, laughs, drinks, hugs, stories and mizrachi karaoke, his cousins, Liat and Gil, asked if I was single. Indeed I was. They insisted "we've got the perfect girl for you." Yep - heard that before. Many times.
Meet Yasmin. WOW!
Immediate chemistry, amazing connections, and real affection and appreciation for each other. She's incredibly special in so many ways I could write here, but then Dana wouldn't print this article because it would go on for ages. By the second date, we were locked in. Gil and Liat - you won this round! Kudos!
Enter Dana Arish - BAM! Exquisite infinity ring to seal the deal!
I proposed to Yasmin by luring her onto a small private cruise in Santorini, Greece with 15 friends and a few very cool strangers to stage a fake proposal that ended with that beautiful infinity ring seeming to sink into the bottom of the sea (thanks Yaniv, nice throw. Luckily, the box was empty). With everyone scrambling to save the ring, I ran over to the captain in the midst of the chaos, only to run back and shout in anxious excitement: "I would never lose this ring, like I will never lose you." Check out the video and let me know what you think. I'll mean those words until the day I leave this planet. 
She said yes. BOOM!
Dana Arish infinity ring - Double BOOM!
Dana was absolutely incredible throughout the process. Really appreciate her support, guidance, professionalism, flexibility and patience(!) We're also having our wedding bands designed by Dana because her quality and is simply unsurpassed in our eyes. And FYI - Dana and Yasmin are now basically best friends. Great people attract great people. 
Thank you Dana, simply couldn't have done it without you!! " 
Avi & Yasmin
Custom made cuff links fot the wedding by DANA ARISH