How To Choose An Engagement Ring

 Picking out THE ring is not a simple task, so after years of working in the engagement ring industry and seeing first hand what our clients go through I decided to put together a checklist to help you better understand what you want and how to make the best engagement ring purchase experience.

How To Choose An Engagement Ring? DANA ARISH Jewelry

If you are one of the lucky ones and your love left "clues" for you like - sending pictures to her friend as a hint for you, leaving open images on her laptop & phone or just flat out told you which ring she wanted, this checklist is useful for you too!


A budget is really important when it comes to what kind of ring you will choose, because it keeps you comfortable with the price point and helps the designer know what kind of options to show you. The price of  an engagement ring is mostly influenced by the diamond, which is made up of the Four C’s - Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat weight... (I will expand on this later).

You will have to deal with a dizzying variety of options that include diamond qualities and shapes, gold coloring, and style. I believe it is advisable to be ready with a budget that will help the designer / supplier match the right ring and diamond to your budget.

Do Your Homework

Before you turn to the designer / shop you should learn a bit about diamonds and the main parameters that determine the value of the diamond, namely its visibility and price.

We are back to the 4Cs - Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. All of these parameters are what set a price point for each diamond. I recommend entering GIA's website to learn more. There is a lot of information that will help you understand diamonds and what you will be buying.

Keep in mind that although some diamonds will have the same parameters on paper, each diamond has a "life of its own." Choose the diamond that looks and feels right for you.

How will you know the diamond quality you are offered, is indeed the real quality? You will not know, so my recommendation is - either buy from a vendor you trust  or a vendor with good reviews that also offer diamonds with GIA certificates.

Ring Style

You know her! Notice the jewelry she likes to wear, What color gold is it? White, Rose, Yellow? Think about what style would suit her best, classic or modern and lastly and most importantly think about the cut of the diamond, round, oval, princess, emerald cut, pear shaped and more.

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Ring Size

The best thing you can do is to actually measure the ring size of your love. There are apps that you can use to help measure the size of the desired ring finger (usually the Fourth finger), the simple way is to put one of her rings on put a ruler.

Anyway, always try to go a few sizes up so the ring can at least fit on her finger for the proposal; it really kills the mood if it's too small. You can bring it back to the jeweler later for resizing. 

 I always incorporate personal elements into the design of a ring, even if that element is hidden to the naked eye. I believe it makes each ring a great success, exciting, personal and intimate, whether it's the initials of the couple, the date you met, or a secret stone setting on the bottom of the band. Even with the most classic design of a Solitaire setting, I will incorporate some kind of personal element. I love when the element is small and inconspicuous, it makes the engagement ring completely yours.


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